What You Can Expect

First and foremost, you can expect to be treated with first class service by our expert and compassionate team.

For New Patients:
  1. Free Informational seminar
  2. Initial consultation with your bariatric team, includes:
    1. Meet with our nurse manager will help you complete your detailed history of medical and weight loss attempt history.
    2. Executive level physical is completed which includes physician exam, discussion of your surgical options, benefits and risks. Review necessary consulting services to gain clearance for surgery such as: psychological evaluation, dietary requirements, cardiovascular, pulmonary, GI, and any areas deemed necessary for safety purposes and to assess that you are fit enough to participate in the surgery.
    3. Obtain tentative surgery date that day.
    4. Our nurse case manager will personally guide you through the executive level physical process. We will review our plans with your personal physician.
    5. Priority appointments with consulting physicians provided.
  3. Once you’ve completed the executive level physical our administrative team works with your insurance company to qualify you. And because of our experience, we have a high rate of approval from insurance companies.
  4. Scheduling your surgery – we will schedule your pre-admission testing and the date for surgery.
  5. Dr. Strom will review your preoperative tests, explain the surgery again along with risks and benefits, and obtain your consent.
  6. You will meet with our dietician to review postoperative diet requirements.
  7. Your surgery will take place.
  8. Postoperative surgical care – bi-weekly visits with your surgeon and nutritionist in your first three months after surgery to ensure that you are on the road to living a healthier life.